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Cancer is a deadly disease

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Cancer is regarded as one of the deadliest diseases for the mankind. This condition is affected due to the lifestyle of the man. This disease is curable to some extent, but in some cases, no proper solution is yet to reveal. This disease occurs from the food habits, external environment conditions and sometimes it is due to inborn disorders. The impact of the disease is very much severe.

The cell is the main structural and functional unit of a human. Body cells grow every day and give birth to new cells. From cancer definition, we understand that old cells get damaged after a particular time and give birth to new cells. Cancer is known to affect any portion of the human body. It is due to this disease the health condition deteriorates gradually. Cancer causes abnormal cell formation in the body. Sometimes new cells are formed in the body when they are not required, and it also occurs that the old cells do not get damaged and survives.

As a result of these, the cell count within the body keeps increasing and the lump of cell ultimately results in the growth of tumors in the body. Cancer definition says that malignant cell thus formed can affect another system of the body and can restrict various body functions.

How to prevent cancer?
Here in this article, we will provide you some information so that you can avoid this disease. Some changes in the lifestyle, food intake and external environment condition can help you to avoid this disease.

1. Stop using tobacco
Using tobacco makes your body cells prone to the attack of this disease. Smoking is the most common use of tobacco. Smoking can cause various cancer types in the human body. Cancer causes the problem in different parts of the body like lungs, heart, kidney, bladder, pancreas, larynx, mouth, and throat. Pancreas and oral cavity can also be affected if you start chewing tobacco. The best way to prevent your body from the effect of cancer is to stay aloof from the use of tobacco. Taking of tobacco is a type of addiction. So the best measure one can take is to develop some alternative healthy habit and plan for quitting.

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2. Healthy diet
Some changes in the habit of your food intake can also help you to stay away from cancer types disease. Heavy junk foods can give rise to the chances of the disease. You must try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetable are the natural organic food items which are better than the synthetic or spicy foods. Consumption of alcohol can also affect the human body. You must restrict the use of alcohol is you have a dependency on the substance.

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3. Body weight and physical exercises
People must stay healthy to defend this disease. Regular exercise calls for the proper functioning of the organs of the body. A regular habit of doing exercise helps in the proper cell formation system in the body. You must check your body weight regularly and try to maintain the weight based on your height.

4. Regular checkups and biological environment
Pollution in the environment raises the risk of this disease in the body. Our body can get affected due to the polluted environment in which we are living. So it is advised to use proper precautions, and you must also keep the environment clean as much as possible because it is everyone’s responsibility. You can consult the doctor regularly and know about the initial symptoms of the disease. This will help you to judge the condition prior it takes effect. You must also focus on increasing the immunity of the body.

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