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Stress management can help in cancer treatment

Psychological stress is known to give rise to various kinds of health problems. In some researchers, it is revealed that mental disorders can lead to the possibility of cancer among the patients. The link between the mental problem and cancer treatment can be sited through an instance. Suppose a person is mentally depressed, then he develops certain kind of behaviors like excessive consumption of alcohol or dependency on tobacco.

Mental stress does not allow us to work freely, and we become lazy. As a result, the body weight increases which can lead to different types of cancer.

Your lifestyle can affect cancer treatment
In many instances, we have seen that the choice of the lifestyle affects the cancer treatment of a person hugely. Some people prefer to deal their emotional state by doping, using alcohols or cigarettes. This type of person is more prone to different types of cancer. The after effect of the types of cancer treatment is very pathetic for them. If we compare the lifestyle of another person who does not have this kind of habit, leads a better life.

Cancer can occur anywhere
Cancer is known to affect any portion of the human body. It is due to this disease the health condition deteriorates gradually. This disease can harm the process of normal cell formation in the body.  They do not have those bad habits, and they deal with the emotional stress by doing stress management and many other skills which help in managing anger, depression, and stress.

Is stress management helpful?
It is not stated anywhere of cancer treatment statistics, that doing a stress management can reduce the risk of cancer. But doing a stress management can help to keep our mental state stable mentioned in cancer treatment statistics. For larger cancers or those that are growing more quickly, doctors may recommend cancer treatment with chemotherapy or hormonal therapy before surgery, called neoadjuvant therapy.

Neoadjuvant radiation therapy is radiation therapy given before surgery to shrink a large tumor, which makes it easier to heal these types of cancer treatment. This approach is quite uncommon and is only considered when surgery cannot remove a tumor.

Why stress management is necessary?
It is said that managing the stress can help in preventing cancer. The main reason for this type of conclusion is due to the experimental results which are obtained when the condition was tested on mice. A cancer cell was created in a laboratory and injected into the body of the mice. This mouse was kept in a solitary place, without the company of other mice. It was observed that the tumor increased in size rapidly and started affecting the other body parts and systems.

Use of beta-blocker
In another instance, we have seen that a lady who was suffering from breast cancer recover much early using the beta blocker. Women who do not use beta blockers are known to have less chance of recovery after the disease. Beta blockers are used to boost the emotional state of the patient during the chemotherapy sessions. Women are encouraged to talk with their doctors about which surgical option is right for them. More aggressive surgery, such as a mastectomy, is not always better and may cause more complications. The combination of lumpectomy and radiation therapy has a slightly higher risk of cancer coming back in the same breast or the surrounding area.

The long-term survival of women who choose lumpectomy is the same as those who have a mastectomy. Even with a mastectomy, not all breast tissue can be removed, and there is still a chance of recurrence. 

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